Do you have customer service?

Absolutely! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 8am to 8pm M – F.

Let us know how we can help you. Call 1-782-792-0800.

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Is the Internet required to run the program?

No. TimeLaw is a desktop application installed directly on your computer. So, you don’t need an ongoing Internet connection to use it. An Internet connection is required the first time you install and license the program. But, you can use the software offline with a valid software license.

Are there limitations on the licensed user?

No, TimeLaw can be purchased by anyone who needs to build an interactive timeline.

What is Per-Seat Licensing?

A TimeLaw™ license is based on the number of users who have access to the software. For example, if your office or law school purchased multiple copies of TimeLaw™ for 100 users, then up to 100 specifically identified users have access to the program.  TimeLaw™ is not a concurrent license.

What is an Annual Subscription?

WIN Interactive offers an annual subscription license for TimeLaw™; currently priced at $500/year/seat.The annual subscription license is a time-limited option that allows the use of the application for a one-year rental. The licensed software is available for use for the period of rental license validity. During the User’s active rental period the User receives free support from WIN’s in-house team (M-F 9AM EST to 8PM EST) and free updates and upgrades to the latest version of our software.

What is a Perpetual License?

Alternatively, TimeLaw™ is available as a perpetual license at $1,100/seat.  Upgrades at $650/seat.  TimeLaw™ perpetual license is purchased for a specific major version and it is not time-limited (owner could use the licensed version of the software perpetually). Owners of perpetual licenses also receive free support for the major version they own (when it is the latest major version or the previous one).In addition, owners of perpetual licenses are eligible to receive, for free, all minor updates associated with their purchased major version (e.g. if you own TimeLaw™ v 1.x, you can update for free to v 1.4, v 1.5, v 1.6, etc.  However, the upgrade to v 2.x will be a paid option).

Do you have an Educational License?

WIN Interactive offers an educational license at $100/seat. TimeLaw™ educational license is an annual subscription license for educators, students, universities and law schools.

Can I review a TimeLaw timeline without purchasing the software?

WIN Interactive offers an FREE PLAYER ONLY version to allow anyone to review a previously created TimeLaw timeline. The timeline, once loaded in the player is unable to be changed or edited, but just viewed through the player.